One of CHA’s most important missions is to support the educational endeavors of our youth. CHA strives to assist young adults with their pursuit of higher education by providing scholarships annually to graduating high school students and eligible college students. The CHA Scholarship Fund is financed by donations as well as proceeds from fundraising events. To date, CHA has awarded over 45 scholarships to deserving scholars.

To apply for one of CHA’s scholarships the applicant must:

1. Demonstrate good academic performance with goals of pursuing academic achievement at the collegiate level.

2. Currently be a college student. Applicants may be graduating high school senior. Please be aware that all high school students will be required to provide documentation evidencing his or her acceptance into a college program.

3. Submit a completed application click here for application, which includes:

a. Copy of the applicant’s most recent transcript

b. An essay of not less than 150 words (essay topic is specified in the application)

For more information regarding the CHA Scholarship Fund please contact us at

Interested in donating to our leaders of tomorrow? Please click here to donate to the CHA Scholarship Fund.

*All donations are tax deductible